Sardine, sardinella, mackerel and Horse Mackerel, King Pelagique Group develop its fishing value on the small fish to make it great fish; he diversifies his expertise on 4 family products: frozen, canned, precooked meal and feed products. As mean as to meet the specific needs of each customer.


DAKHLA Fishing Port is one of the country’s key ports, generating 65 percent of national fishing production in volume and 45 percent in value, the region is very rich in sea resources, in where there are three types of fishing, deep-sea, artisanal and coastal fishing.

Sardine, sardinella, mackerel and Horse Mackerel, KING PELAGIQUE GROUP is the most significant company in Dakhla’s fishing sector, created in 2004 to fish, process and freeze large quantities of pelagic fish.

Thanks to our Quota (80.000 tone/ year), and our five RSW Vessels which are equipped with cooling systems in order to maintain the quality of the fish we catch, we could satisfy the high demand in the market in term of quantity & quality.

Sea trips last from one to three days. They take place at a minimum distance of eight nautical miles from the coast, away from breeding areas and artisanal fishing.

Treatment and freezing

GOLD SEA FISH is a subsidiary of the KING PELAGIQUE Group, created in 2004 to develop the activities of preparation and freezing of catches.

We are equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee you a carefully selected, calibrated, and sorted fish before being frozen within a period that does not exceed 45 minutes,

Thanks to the proximity of our factory and the level of expertise of our team members, we ensure a rapid reception of about 25 minutes of fresh fish, throughout the production process; the temperature should not exceed 5 degrees centigrade. Then the fish in the tanks are thrown into the water basins, which are also equipped with cooling technologies, looking after a histamine level of less than 12 PPM. With the intention of bringing, you back products of ‘excellent quality, attesting to a fresh, shiny and slightly moist fish.


ERG CONSERVE is a subsidiary of KING PELAGIQUE GROUP, created in 2011 to be in
charge of producing canned fish.
The method of canning fish is often called the raw packaging method, which contrasts with the method in which fish is thermally treated before packing into cans.
Starting from washing fish with potable water or seawater of similar quality, the fish brined in concentrated salt. After the brining process, fish is packed into pre-washed cans, following,
the filled cans pass over a weight control unit to a can aligner and then to a can pusher, to transfer them to the pre-cooker.
From the cooking and drying section, the cans are transferred into a conveyor, in order to be covered and filled with different flavors; afterwards, all canned fish products are sterilized in a high temperature.

Precooked meal:
ERG DELICE is subsidiary of the Group; it is an industrial & commercial company, created in 2013, in order to develop innovated products based on fish under the brand “La Marinière”.
Providing high-level satisfaction for our customers and adapting to market’s tendencies are our principal motor. Therefore, we are watching over a constant development & research to lay out better performance, further more we have made our mission to adapt products according to all our customer’s needs, while ensuring flexibility and naturalness.

We are proposing two mean range lines

 Frozen products :

  • Fish balls.
  •  Fish burger.
  • Breaded fish burger.
  • Fish fingers.
  • Fish Nuggets.
  • Croq Fish.
  • Croq DELICE.

Sterilized products

  • Mackerel rillettes.
  • Sardines rillettes.

Feed products:
PROTEIN & OIL, is a subsidiary of KING PELAGIQUE GROUP, Created in 2018 to specialize in the production of animal Fishmeal and Fish oil fated for Cosmetics & Para pharmaceutics industries, c+. Capitalizing on the big experience of our Group’s industrial & commercial knowledge and respecting the highest environmental standards.
To ensure an excellent product that respects international requirements, Protein & Oil Factory holds the IFFO RS certification, delivered by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO), FOS certificate in addition to GMP.