In 2004 a ship owners group starts "Benis Peche" company, with the objective of "Putting on value" resources of one of the areas with the sardines, mackerel and horse mackerel worldwide. At the same time starts “Benis trading” as the company responsible of the marketing and sales achieved by our fishing boats.

At the end of 2005, the freezing plant was inaugurated, creating the company “King Traitement” specialized in the selection, processing and freezing of the captures obtained, then orienting the product obtained to external canneries, which are then canned and sold under their brand names.

In 2009, to optimize the captures, as some of them could not be frozen, the “Maroc Surimi” company was created, specializing in selling semi-finished surimi fish to surimi manufacturers.

During 2011, “ERG Conserve” starts the activity as a canning entity using the products obtained by our fishing vessels and ensuring high levels of quality, freshness and taste. The proximity to the fishing area, the optimal cooling process during fishing, and the minimal transport time to the canning facility ensures the highest quality of our products.

Finally in 2013, “ERG Delice” initiates the activity of manufacturing processed products and ready meals (both canned and frozen) increasing the added value of the capture.

Currently, the group employs more than 1.000 persons, over a 20.000 m2 total facility space, including a storage capacity of 2.000 tons of frozen product, and with a first class management team with International experience and sales network all around the world.

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We have the IFS, Friend of the Sea, and FDA certification. We have our own laboratory where we analyze our products in order to ensure quality and meet international standards.

We strive to keep the histamine levels of our products to a minimum. The control is done periodically by our lab during all levels of the process.


We have our R&D department, to develop new products, as well to adapt the recipes or the characteristics requested by our customers.